Welcome to my website!


I am Viyath Yapa Abeywardena from West London, UK.  I  love to do a variety of things for my own pleasure and that of my dear and near ones.

I love sketching human faces, animals and of course, picturesque views. In addition, I love playing my guitar and already made a few videos for YouTube on my own channel.

🎸 My Guitar Tunes: YouTube Channel

I am regularly adding videos to my YouTube Channel. As of November 2019, I have over 20,000 views on my channel. The link for my channel is placed below the following videos.

viyath.com/youtube channel

🎼 Wheels by Chet Atkins

This is one of my all-time favourites: it’s the famous ‘Wheels’, by Chet Atkins. I managed to attract over 5000 views on my YouTube channel in 2018. Here it is:

I am regularly updating my site with new guitar-playing videos. Please visit my channel by clicking the image below; you will have fun – guaranteed!

πŸ”Š I am Mensa Material!

πŸ“» My Mentor – Mr Patrick Doyle

He was my mentor at my primary school. Can you believe that he is a radio presenter now with Dublin City FM?

He tweeted me wishing me good luck; I am so proud of my association with Mr Doyle; he was instrumental in forming my first music band.

Mr Doyle and me!

Mr Doyle and I used to serenade the whole class during the last period on Fridays, while playing the piano and guitar respectively. Those were the days!

This is how Mr Doyle presents his Sunday Talk Show:

πŸš— Go Karting on My Favourite Track

This is a clip from my recent go-karting experience in Daytona, Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey.  This is my favourite, outdoor track where the greats in the world of entertainment and Formula-1 racing come for some fun from time to time.

Celebrities who raced on the same track!
Racing down the track – GoPro view

πŸ’» Coding

As for computer programming, I love coding in Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This is my a fully interactive helicopter animation that I created without any external graphics; I just used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the creation.

See the Pen Helicopter Animation by Viyath (@16472) on CodePen.

You can practise the above with your own numbers. It’s fun!!

✍ Sketching

It is very relaxing and a sure stress-buster when I sit and try my hands on a bit of sketching and painting. I was thrilled and surprised when I could manage to get the eyes of the horse right. Don’t you think those glistening and melancholy eyes look realistic?

πŸ“œ Poems

I have composed many poems, my favourite of them all is, “The seasons”. Here it is:

πŸŒ„ The Seasons

The months of winter are drifting away,
The world is warming up yet again,
Through a cold breeze that rustles trees,
And blows up the withered leaves,
The months of winter are drifting away.
The world is warming up yet again,
Through a cold breeze that rustles trees,
And blows up the withered leaves.
The sun is peeking behind the spring-time mist,
And, paints the world with golden bits,
The first flowers start to bloom,
Shaking off the winter gloom.
Robins chirp in merry calls,
Welcoming the start of Spring,
Bees start to buzz out their hives,
Ready for the first flowers.
Children get animated more than ever,
For soon it shall be sunny summer.

🌍 Social Contributions

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