Poem – The world outside your house

You see the sun shining,

The leaves are turning green,

Life starts to begin,

From winter, the Dark Age,

The park’s turn green and blossom,

But not a soul is seen today,

You look out of the window,

From your brick cage,

The mood in the street,

Is so low it’s hard to gauge,

The birds wake from their slumber,

Confused by the empty roads, When people usually bustle, run or simply stroll

The children in the flats,

Feel despondent as they stare,

To the world outside their house,

At what they could have enjoyed,

The air rushing through their hair,

A free bird, no longer trapped in a box,

But the lockdown stills continue,

A cruel master shutting the locks.

The world isn’t what it used to be,

People are finding it hard to see,

What can be done, what can be fixed,

What should we do to get this Curse nixed?

The answer is so simple, yet so hard to do,

Just stay at home, and we will come through.

This is my prize-winning poem in the school poetry competition