Forgotten password reset windows 8.1 free download.Windows Password Reset without disk after Forgotten It


Forgotten password reset windows 8.1 free download.Download Windows Password Reset Disk


Forgotten password reset windows 8.1 free download.Top 3 Ways to Reset Forgotten Windows Password


Select the Reset password link on the sign-in screen. What Is a Zero-Day Attack? Windows 10 makes this easy by offering a reset option. Reviewed by Chris Selph. Ophcrack is a free alternative that you can use for resetting user account passwords on Windows 8 computers. Step 6: Then, the Chntpw Utility will come on the screen. Select the user account which locks you out and click Remove Windows Password and Next later.



I bought a computer version Windows 8. It is working well for me and suitable to complete my tasks from office to home until had this horrible experience. I cannot log in to my Window password. I was a little bit alarmed because I do not know exactly what to do and just imagine, all my important files were saved on this computer.

There are many important benefits one can get from upgrading their computer to Windows 8 because of its features that provides maximum utilization of the new Operating System capabilities. To name some, the operating system provides enhancement in performance, already existing capabilities and it is actually cheaper. Further, Windows 8 includes features such as new lock screen that contains date, time and display along with the capacity to show notifications from apps.

Windows 8 as well contains enhanced support for multi monitor configurations such as the task bar can be now shown on multiple displays and each appearance can as well show its own dedicated taskbar which is truly amazing. The progress windows for the file utilization have also been enhanced and redesigned, it now provides the flexibility and ability to show multiple operations at once and a graph that can track the speed of transferring and its capability to pause and then resume a file transfer.

Another important benefit you can get from Windows 8 is the Family Safety. Because Windows 8 integrates Windows Live Family Safety into the operating system, allowing parents to restrict user activity through web filtering, application restriction and computer usage time limits.

What benefit can you get from using our software for Windows 8 password recovery? If fortunately you have a hold to a password reset file then simply follow the steps below:. Step 1: Click on the Reset password link in the login home page as shown below. Step 3: Now in the Insert the Password Reset Disk phase, select the drive in which you have the password key file. After selecting the drive, click on the Next button to proceed. Step 4: After successfully finding the password key disk of your Windows 8.

Simply type and retype a new password in the following fields which will replace your old password as shown below. Now click on Next button to proceed. Now login to your account by entering the new password.

No matter how many times you change the password, this password key can be used if you forget the password again. So it is recommended to keep the password key file somewhere safe because anyone can access your account if they get hold of your password key. This is the best possible method out there if you want your Account to be accessed without being logged in your Admin or local account.

It not only recovers your account password in just a few minutes but also can create a new administrator account. In order to do so, just follow the steps below. Free Download Buy Now.

Step 3: Click on the burn button to start copying files on the USB which will create it as a Windows password reset disk. Now, wait until the burning process completes successfully. Step 6: Now you can see the Windows Password Key tool will launch up, simply select the Windows and the User you want to reset the password for. When your Windows 8. This is the most secure and safest method of them all. Installing Windows again will format everything there is on your boot drive and you will lose your data.

Since you are locked out of Windows 8. In order to re-install your Windows 8. Step 3: After successfully creating a Windows 8. Step 5: Wait until the Windows 8. Now follow the steps in Windows Setup to install the Windows 8. This might take a few minutes to install Windows on your PC. After following all the required steps the Windows will start up and you will be asked to configure new settings for your Account.

This time prescribe a password that you can remember. We have shown you the best possible methods from which you can reset your Windows 8.

All the above-mentioned methods are safe and secure however, the data stored in your PC is important to you or not, it totally depends upon the method you choose to reset your Windows 8. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What are my options if I have Forgot my password for Windows 8.