Ticket Resale Websites

ticket resale websites

Ticket Resale Websites

There are numerous ticket resales websites. You can check out StubHub, Vivid Seats, and TicketsNow for instance, or even purchase tickets through eBay. We have listed the best sites for reselling below. Most popular is TicketNetwork. But there are also many other. Here’s a quick overview of four of the most popular ticket resale sites.


When you sign up with StubHub you can purchase tickets for sports, concerts and stand-up comedians. Create an account to purchase tickets. Next, answer some questions. Following that, you’ll hand over the tickets in one of the many ways StubHub provides. If you prefer to ship the tickets yourself, you can contact the seller. StubHub also guarantees that all buyers will be provided with valid tickets.

StubHub is the ticket resale website runs by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr. They began their careers as bankers for investment in San Francisco. StubHub started to make money in 2003. In 2007 they sold the website to eBay for $310 million. StubHub has been at the center of eBay’s ticket selling business since 2007. StubHub lets people of every walk of life to sell tickets, and make use of the site’s simple-to-use platform.

StubHub is a leading online marketplace for tickets. It brings together ticket buyers and sellers. It is a subsidiary to eBay Inc., and is in operation since. Although it has grown to be one of the most well-known online ticket marketplaces in recent times but it faces competition from other ticket-resales sites. You can nevertheless purchase tickets on StubHub when you adhere to a few guidelines.

StubHub has a broad selection of tickets, however it focuses on concert tickets. You can search for tickets by type or city to locate tickets. Festival tickets can be classified by cost, type of seat and many more. Prior to purchasing tickets, it is possible to do an inquiry at the box office in your area. There is an $7 Legit Ticket Sites.95 cost for checking tickets. StubHub is one of the top ticket resales websites to buy tickets from.

Vivid Seats

The Vivid Seats website for ticket resales can be utilized by concert-goers who wish to attend a specific concert or event. There are many choices for concert tickets, from country music stars to Latin artists. It permits concert ticket buyers to list and sell tickets as well as refund tickets that are not being used. The process of reselling tickets includes four steps including listing the tickets, notifying the purchaser about the ticket, and sending it to the buyer via mail or email.

The Vivid Seats ticket resaling site is the most popular source for tickets for concerts. It receives over 40,000 brand-name searches per month – significantly less than the 2 million that StubHub has. Selling tickets may be subject to fees that vary from 18% to 30 percent of the original price. However, the fees are reasonable when compared to other websites for ticket resales.

The Vivid Seats website should not be used for purchasing tickets for events if have concerns about security. It’s unlikely that they can safeguard your personal information. If you’re worried regarding unauthorized access to your tickets, Vivid Seats should be avoided. It is also important to check the conditions and terms of every ticket resale web site before purchasing. It is essential to confirm that the event has 100% guarantee on refunds. If it does, then the seller might not honor that guarantee and you should be concerned.

It is also possible to check customer reviews to verify the security of your tickets. Although some Vivid seats reviews are not favorable and scathing, they’re only a small part of their overall customer base. Although the quality of tickets isn’t the best, the guarantee is still a viable alternative. Customers will be notified about any changes to location or timing. Tickets are authentic by contacting the customer care team.


TicketsNow was recently acquired by Ticketmaster the biggest ticket resale platform. The company was able to settle two major investigation into ticket-scalping in February 2009. New York Attorney General Eric Schniederman ordered the company to completely overhaul its ticket distribution procedure. He also identified Songkick as the site which sold more than 70% of Springsteen’s concert tickets in 2009.

TicketsNow allows sellers to select the price at which they would like to sell their tickets. Once a buyer has made the decision, they’ll be asked to input their billing address and credit card information. Then, they are presented with a variety of pricing options. The majority of ticket brokers cost less than 10 percent to provide their services. Sellers are able to stipulate a minimum selling price or the “list till” date.

StubHub, another large ticket marketplace, has more buyers and sellers than any other website. It offers a stunning buying experience that showcases the view from every seat. Sellers are also assessed a 10% selling fee depending on how many tickets sold. In order to list tickets on TicketsNow sellers should capture a photo of the ticket before listing them. For the transaction to be successful, the selling price is approximately 15%.

Ticketmaster has a subsidiary called TicketsNow that specializes in reselling tickets for events. This site is similar to StubHub however it does not have the market share that is large for premium tickets that StubHub is. TicketsNow’s users are also not nearly as diverse as StubHub, which has more than 90 percent of monthly searches for brand names.


If you have never seen any live performances before, you might be thinking about whether TicketNetwork is a reliable website. It works under a similar business model best ticket selling site similar to eBay where you post your tickets on the marketplace, and the website handles the transactions. TicketNetwork charges a service fee, as well as delivery charges, which are based on the time and place of the event. You can list your tickets on TicketNetwork through the Point of Sale program.

The business has been in operation for more than 20 years and has many happy customers. One lawsuit against TicketNetwork claims that it posted fake listings in addition to real ones. If the user hovered on the tiny question mark and tapped it, they could observe that the listings were made public. The buyer would to see that the seller has not yet received the tickets, and that they will be sent to them prior to the event. Then, they could conclude that the tickets are safe and are not at risk of being stolen or lost.

Another popular resale site is Razorgator, which has an intuitive interface. Sellers can set their own prices through this website, without interfering with buyers. They can also arrange delivery, however it will depend on the origin of the tickets. Razorgator’s interface can be simple and they also charge 10 percent for charges for services. Razorgator is another website for reselling tickets that’s an ideal choice for those who don’t want to pay for a large amount but still want affordable tickets to an event.

TicketNetwork allows you to sell tickets through the application which is compatible with desktops as well as mobile phones. You can also utilize the application to purchase and sell tickets in the same transaction. TicketNetwork is available only to US-based ticket sellers. It doesn’t sell the information of your customers. Gift cards can be purchased at a price lower than the value of their face. You can buy resales tickets and tickets using gift certificates. Plus, you get extra benefits.


If you’re in search of cheap tickets, you might prefer the use of an online classified service like Craigslist. They typically have a fee of a minimum to list items, and allow sellers to mark tickets at a lower cost than their competitors. If you want to purchase tickets from eBay, you will need to bargain the price. Sellers are typically looking to sell and willing to offer a lower price than what they are worth.

It is important to contact and set up a meeting before calling. Although you might want to contact or text for meetings, some individuals sell tickets on Craigslist without meeting face-to face. Instead of wasting time, make a call and schedule to meet. It is possible the ticket to a charity if you have an emotional tale to tell.

Another important point to remember when buying tickets from Craigslist is the fact that there could be frauds and scams. Craigslist is an excellent source for details. However, you must avoid purchasing fake tickets. Tickets that are fake can cost a lot often thousands, and can lead to inconveniences on the day of the event. Reselling scams for tickets on Craigslist have affected more than 5 million customers, and it is a bad idea to purchase tickets from an unknown source.

Utilizing an online classified advertisement website is risky. Craigslist is a website that allows sellers and buyers to interact. However, it doesn’t safeguard buyers or sellers from fraudulent listings. Be certain to report any suspicious listings to the Craigslist website as these listings could be unlawful. You may even be buying tickets to a show that already took place. Be careful and stay safe. The internet is full fraudsters and you should be aware of them!