Three Little Gems of Math

#1 To find the longest side of a right-angled triangle (the hypotenuse), you square the other two sides, add them up and find their square root.

#2 To make a numerical palindrome (a number that, when written backwards, reads the same number, or a mirror number), take a number, write it backwards, and add them up. Do this as many times as you need and you shall get a mirror number!

12 + 21 = 33 ( mirror number )

154 + 451 =  605 + 506 = 1111 ( mirror number )

239 + 932 = 1171 + 1711 = 2882 ( mirror number )

#3 (6 × 9) + (6 + 9) = 69. Simple but effective

#3 If you shuffle a pack of cards well, chances are that combination of cards has never been shuffled before. This is because since there are 62 cards in a deck, there are 64! ways combinations they can be put in. Now,! means factorial (or in nerdy language n(n-1)!), which can be used to determine how many ways you can arrange something. In short terms, the factorial of a number is a number times by itself, but every time you times it, 1 is deducted from it, until the number goes down to one. This means 4! would be 4 factorial which is 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 which is 24. This means there are 24 ways to arrange 4 objects. The simplest explanation of how this works is to imagine 4 carrots (labelled C! to C4) and a hungry rabbit. How many possibilities are there that the rabbit will eat the carrots?

Let’s say the rabbit first eats C3( it can be any but we will use C3 as an example. Now there are 3 carrots left. Now, let’s say the rabbit eats C2. Now there are 2 carrots. You can see where this is going and is actually quite simple to grasp, as there are 4 different carrots the rabbit can eat at first( let’s call this 4), then once he eats it there are 3, then when he eats that, there are 2, then that 1. The number of combinations is 4x3x2x1

You can apply this to any number and any object.

Now – back to our question.

If there are 64 cards and we want to find the number of combinations that you can arrange the cards, you work out 64! which is 64x63x62x61 and so on until 1. The answer is that you have 31469973260387937525653122354950764088012280797258232192163168247821107200000000000000 ways to arrange the cards!

Finding HCF of Two Numbers

This is the famous Euclid’s algorithm in finding the HCF – highest common factor – of two numbers.

Please enter the numbers in the function of Euclid as two arguments in the print statment to see the HCF of the two.

Simple Palindrome Checker

A palindrome is a word, a number, a phrase or even a set of characters that reads the same, both forward and backward.


This is a simple Python programme that tests whether a simple word is a palindrome or not.

Enter the word in upper case letters and check whether it’s a palindrome. It’s fun.

Last Christmas by Wham!

This is a tune I played for the forthcoming Christmas, 2019. This was a popular song by Wham! in the 80s. After hours of practice, that in turn left me with some scars on my little fingers, I managed to play it on my Yamaha classical guitar first and then on my electro-acoustic guitar. That’s what you will see here; after watching this, please visit my YouTube channel for more.

Clicking Chopsticks In London!

We were in London during half term and walked along Oxford Street marvelling at the gorgeous Christmas decorations all around. Soon we were hungry and headed towards Soho street and stopped at our favourite restaurant deep in the heart of Chinatown. We didn’t waste much time and straightaway ordered their speciality; Crispy Roast Duck on a dome of Sticky Rice and Crispy Seaweed as a side dish. I asked for chopsticks as I wanted to test if I had got any better at it since my last visit. The meal was served and with a dribbling mouth, I clicked away!

Delicious Crispy Duck, sticky rice and crispy seaweed – My favourite meal that tastes exquisite!

I quickly realized the point of chopsticks. The clever Chinese had invented the chopsticks (in my perspective) to stop indigestion. Really!

When eating with chopsticks, you are forced to pick a small amount of food and eat slowly, allowing you to enjoy the taste and allow your long-suffering stomach to digest the delicacy!

At one point I took this too seriously – I ended up with this!

The joy of getting one rice grain between chopsticks!

I strongly recommend this restaurant with its amiable staff, great hygiene rating, and incredible food. When you visit Canton in China Town, London, remember to opt for their Crispy Roast Duck and rice meal and test your skills with the chopsticks! To wash all down, do not forget to sip their aromatic green tea.

Have a meal you will never forget!

My favourite restaurant in China Town – London

And when you are finished and you’re dreading the long journey back home, pop into the bakery right next door which sells delicious cakes, warm crusty varieties of buns and pastries and all the tea time snacks you can ever dream of! It also sells little fish-shaped buns made of custard pots and allows the public to see the epic machinery that makes them!

Delicious Chinese Buns that will melt in the mouth!

My Holiday in Sri Lanka – 2019

Soaring high with glee

My short holiday in Sri Lanka during the summer vacation in 2019 was fantastic! I enjoyed beyond words with my cousins and visited many pretty places around the beautiful island. Here are some photographs that rekindle my unforgettable memories.

Sweet king coconut water – A divine drink to quench your thirst
A beautiful sunset on the beaches of Sri-Lanka
Met this giant friend who is the same age as me!

Please click on the photo below to see the whole album:

En route to Nuwara Eliya, Little England

The Captain of Turkish Airlines was highly impressed by my drawing of the aircraft that we were flying. I felt very happy and privileged to pose for this photograph with him and the chief flight stewardess on our arrival in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Brainy Brain – Amazing Facts

the brain - drawing

As you are reading this text, your brain is working away smoothly in order to decipher the weird curves, lines and signs that we call words. It is also sending a pulse around your body, monitoring your heartbeat and doing countless other things. If I were to write them all down, they would fill millions of books, and we aren’t even moving yet! 

So, truly, our brain is a great, important and vital organ that works tediously 24/7.

In fact, a toddler’s brain capacity equals to all the computers in the world, as it constantly transforms high definition images into thoughts and recognition. For example, if you took two pictures of a car at different angles, even complex, modern computers wouldn’t know if they were the same car, but we would instantly recognize its similarities – you probably do it all the time – try it!

If you photographed a car at different angles, even complex, modern computers wouldn’t know if they were the same car, but we would instantly recognize its similarities – you probably do it all the time – try it!

It may seem obvious, but are these the same cars?

And for another test are these cars the same?

and this;

The answer seems quite obvious(the first cars are the same and the second two cars are different )but a computer wouldn’t know! Also, an “AI” machine cannot have opinions and is always programmed by a human. This means that a computer is just the work of a living organism. Hence, finally, the brain shall, and always will, overrule the machine.

Did you know?

The first computers were huge! Their dimensions were about 8 feet by 3 feet by 100 feet. It weighed about 27 tons and took up 1800 square feet of space. Also called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, (ENIAC), it comprised of 280 tubes, 31 thyratrons and more than 5,000 feet of wires. However, it is surprising and fascinating to view the change that has befallen on us now, with computers small enough to sit upon our laps!+

Alan Turing – The Code Breaker

Alan Turing was the one of the most  profound and inventive code-breakers (cryptologists ) who is greatly known for inventing a machine which can find almost every possibile combination of a code! Considering it was the early 1900’s, the fact that Turing could pull of such a feat is amazing!

During my last summer break, I visited the house in Hampton where he spent his final days.

Allen Turing Machine

This is Alan Turing actual machine.  Nowadays, with only about 590  lines of simple code, you could easily resemble this machine in a small, 3mm memory chip!

You just had to enter what  each letter of the alphabet was resembled by (for instance, an “L” could resemble the letter “P”) and the machine could decrypt a code in minutes, saving possible weeks of time!

Alan Turing shall always be remembered for helping us to win the war.

Thomas Alva Edison

Light bulb by Tomas Edison

The light bulb invented by Edison

Thomas Alva Edison was a great man who revolutionised the world by inventing the very thing which is probably hanging on the ceiling on top of your head right now – the humble but crucial lightbulb! You walk by it in the street and don’t even regard it but it is amazing how this simple invention changed the world.

Having had a very limited formal education and started his career life as a railroad worker, what Edison achieved was remarkable.

I am quite facinated by how the light bulb works.  It is a very simple theory but has a powerful outcome!

It consists of special, heat resistent glass, filament ( a strong wire) and a holster, sealed up to store a special “argon gas”.

Here’s a diagram I made!

But how does filament give out light? This is how!

( The argon gas in the bulb is to stop the filament from overheating and burning away!)

Did you know? By the time he died on October 18, 1931, Thomas Edison had amassed a record 1,093 patents: 389 for electric light and power, 195 for the phonograph, 150 for the telegraph, 141 for storage batteries and 34 for the telephone.

So let’s thanks him – otherwise you would be still reading books by candle-light!