My Algebra Equation Generator

This is an equation generator created by me. You can choose your skill level, from easy to hard, and then click the button, ‘Get Algebraic Equations‘, in order to get questions. You can get the answers afterwards by pressing the ‘Get Answers‘ button.

You can generate any number of questions; it’s no exaggeration, if I say that the sky is the limit!

This preview is interactive. Click the buttons and they will generate equations and answers. You can also change the difficulty!

See the Pen Equation Making by Viyath (@16472) on CodePen.

My Helicopter Animation: pure HTML, JavaScript & CSS

During the lockdown due to Coronavirus, I am spending plenty of my free time on coding.

I am pretty comfortable with HTML and CSS now. This animation is my own creation, using both HTML and CSS; I did use some JavaScript too make the two buttons work, though. When I get stuck, of course, the help is just within earshot – my dad, who is a coder himself.

I spent hours in making this – finally got it right, a few days ago. I hope you will enjoy it. I am going to explain on my YouTube channel as to how I made it.

Not too bad for an eleven-year-old, I suppose.

Please move the scroll bar to get the animation in sight and then, make sure you choose the size as 0.5x from the list at the bottom of the animation; otherwise, it may not fit into the frame.

See the Pen Helicopter Animation by Viyath (@16472) on CodePen.

Youtube clip

Finding HCF of Two Numbers

This is the famous Euclid’s algorithm in finding the HCF – highest common factor – of two numbers.

Please enter the numbers in the function of Euclid as two arguments in the print statment to see the HCF of the two.

Simple Palindrome Checker

A palindrome is a word, a number, a phrase or even a set of characters that reads the same, both forward and backward.


This is a simple Python programme that tests whether a simple word is a palindrome or not.

Enter the word in upper case letters and check whether it’s a palindrome. It’s fun.

Draw Polygons with Python Turtle

You can draw polygons with Python Turtle.  All you have to do is enter the number of sides.