Bitcoin Vs Ethereum Differences And Similarities

But it’s not just investors enjoying more and more access to BTC. Everyday consumers can earn Bitcoin with services like Lolli, the first Bitcoin rewards application allowing people to earn BTC while shopping online. Lolli has more than 1,000 vendors, including Nike Inc. , Best Buy Co.

The price history is the most apparent difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. In late August 2021, Bitcoin was valued at$48,000 with a market cap of around $900 billion—nearly half of the total crypto market cap. In recent years, the value has seen a substantial rise, crossing the $10,000 mark in mid-2020 and remaining above $30,000 since June 2021.

How is Bitcoin different from Ethereum

As a Dapp runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it uses the same decentralized, distributed model, meaning that Dapps are near-impossible to restrict or censor. In 2021, Nasdaq reported that over 46 million Americans own Bitcoin. Currently, over 15,000 retailers that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Therefore, Ethereum is not a coin but a platform or network. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a man named Satoshi Nakamoto. It was designed as an anti-inflation digital asset with a total supply of 21 million bitcoins expected to appreciate Ethereum vs Bitcoin in value as more people acquire and keep the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that CME Group Inc. offered futures contracts on, allowing investors to wager on prices at specific dates in the future.

Ethereum Vs Bitcoin Comparison

Sorry, I was busy right-clicking on that Beeple video and downloading the same file the person paid millions of dollars for. With help from Career Karma, you can find a training program that meets your needs and will set you up for a long-term, well-paid career in tech. Tight security has come at the cost of slow transaction speeds. Bitcoin is more easily mined with CPUs and special ASICS, while Ethereum is optimised for mining with consumer-grade GPUs.

In many ways, investing in cryptocurrency is like casting your vote on the kind of world you want in the future. When you buy BTC or ETH, you are essentially saying that you believe in the problems it aims to solve. With developers still scratching the surface of what blockchain can do, it isn’t easy to know which ones will eventually emerge victorious and for what particular use. That being said, there’s a reason why these two are leading the pack.

However, Ethereum mining will become obsolete once Ethereum 2.0 is in action. Secondly, Bitcoin uses the simple and robust Script language. Ethereum uses the more complex but flexible language called Solidity. There are more differences than similarities between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Combined with its anonymous creator and general lack of adoption, this is one of the reasons why Bitcoin struggled with its legitimacy in its early years.

NFTs revolutionize internet ownership and help creators tokenize their art, allowing them to automatically earn royalties every time it is resold. Decentralized apps, more commonly known as Dapps, are apps that run on the Ethereum blockchain. A Dapp is, by and large, the same as most other apps you use. However, your interactions and transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Bitcoin Pros

By and large, cryptocurrency investors still tend to favor Bitcoin over Ethereum . Since Bitcoin enjoys worldwide popularity, Bitcoin is one of the easiest currencies to use for international transactions. There are no foreign transaction fees, unlike credit cards, cash, or other currency. Neither Ethereum nor Bitcoin is perfect, and each comes with its own pros and cons. It’s essential to weigh these when deciding which cryptocurrency is right for you. Once you’ve considered all the factors, you can choose whether Ethereum or Bitcoin is better for your specific situation.

  • Reports of Bitcoin’s successes and failures often intertwined with how the world perceived blockchain as a whole.
  • There’s perhaps one thing that most differentiates Bitcoin from Ethereum and other up-and-coming cryptos.
  • The second-largest cryptocurrency by market size, Ethereum, took approximately three years to retest its previous all-time high price.
  • As a digital currency, Bitcoin has no physical form and many tout it as an alternative to traditional fiat currencies.
  • These gas fees, which compensate participants for validating transactions, can be outrageous, especially for small transactions.
  • Each transaction is then stored in a public list or blockchain.

Then, the Ethereum blockchain stores the entire history of all transactions and smart contracts on the network. On the other hand, Ether, Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, powers many other blockchain applications. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum runs on blockchain technology. However, the software that powers Ethereum makes it blazingly fast. Other than that, it allows Ethereum to act as a ‘smart platform’. Therefore, developers can use Ethereum for creating apps or even other cryptocurrencies.


On the other hand, Ethereum provides more mining power to users with more tokens. Since tokens are spread out among more people, it’s a lot harder for anyone to control the mining process. Both Ether and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies that are based on blockchain technology.

In fact, it’s four times larger than the third-largest cryptocurrency. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum has also seen a strong rise in its value, consistently remaining above the $2,000 mark since April 2021. Users mine Bitcoin tokens through a decentralized process. The miners with more powerful rigs have a significantly higher chance of receiving rewards. Similar to cash, users can exchange Bitcoin for various goods and services.

How is Bitcoin different from Ethereum

Originally, Bitcoin was like digital cash—anonymous, safe, and fast. Because of these things, Bitcoin has a long and complicated history, especially within the dark web. Before it became mainstream, Bitcoin was the preferred payment method for the underground internet economy. For the longest time, Bitcoin was the undisputed king of the cryptocurrency world. Reports of Bitcoin’s successes and failures often intertwined with how the world perceived blockchain as a whole.

However, despite its shady beginnings, Bitcoin was able to turn its image around with time. Fiat currencies are generally managed by central authorities. For instance, RBI in India is responsible for producing and issuing currency notes. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area.


As already mentioned, Bitcoin’s blockchain protocol is designed strictly for the transfer of money digitally, while Ethereum is a more complex platform where other apps can run. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum can also be used for peer-to-peer transactions for the transfer of money, although it can do so much more. There are many wallets that can store both ETH and BTC together due to their similarity. A little over a decade since the first cryptocurrency launched, doors continue to open for the technology.

ProtocolsEthereum and Bitcoin operate on separate protocols and their processes are not related to one another. This means that some transactions that may be allowed on one platform may not be allowed on another. This becomes a question when considering permissioned vs permissionless transactions.

How is Bitcoin different from Ethereum

A more prudent strategy is to invest in both, always keeping in mind that the unregulated and volatile crypto market could lose you everything if you are not careful. These apps could power anything from money transfer to games to social media networks. Decentralized finance , a financial system that does not discriminate or have any system downtime, is one of its more practical and popular uses for the Ethereum network. Using DeFi, Ethereum lets you send, receive, borrow, and earn interest from anywhere in the world. Many Dapps are financial in nature , but there are also games, marketplaces, stores, and much more. In many ways, Ethereum opened the floodgates of the next generation of blockchain-enabled technology.

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This also helps in ensuring that there is no duplication of transactions. In 2017, Bitcoin’s price continued to rise eventually reaching $19,850, its previous all-time high. Bitcoin’s price is known for being extremely unpredictable, however, it has been the best-performing asset of any type over the last decade, rising 9,000,000 percent between 2010 and 2020.

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: A Tale Of Two Technologies

Being the most popular cryptocurrency in the world also comes with its drawbacks. Namely, criminals are more likely to prey on Bitcoin for scams, attacks, and fraudulent transactions. Unlike fiat currency, the Ethereum platform is decentralized, meaning there is no centralized authority or interference from a third party. Ethereum was initially intended to complement Bitcoin, but it has since emerged as a competitor. Coinbase is one of the most popular places to buy Ethereum. Bitcoin seeks to completely revolutionise digital money exchange, but Ethereum seeks to completely decentralise everything.

But while it could be like a van Gogh, where there’s only one definitive actual version, it could also be like a trading card, where there’s 50 or hundreds of numbered copies of the same artwork. People have long built communities based on things they own, and now it’s happening with NFTs. One community that’s been exceedingly popular revolves around a collection of NFTs called Pudgy Penguins, but it’s not the only community built up around the tokens. But don’t let the conventional wisdom be the deciding factor.

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It also has the highest market share in the fast-growing NFT space. Today, BTC’s market cap is about $800 billion, or about 40% of the roughly $2 trillion asset class. Ethereum, by comparison, accounts for less than 20% of the asset class and has a market cap of more than $380 billion. There’s no answer to this question, as both of these currencies are worthwhile investment options.

One of the significant pros of Bitcoin is that it is accepted by merchants everywhere. Major companies such as Overstock, Home Depot, Microsoft, and even Starbucks accept Bitcoin. On the other hand, Ethereum is a token used for payment on a decentralised network of computers on which blockchain-based projects are run. The Ethereum network is built to be a general-purpose platform on which decentralised applications can run.

The maximum amount of Bitcoins that can ever be produced is 21 million, introducing scarcity into the market. In order to prevent Bitcoin from running out, halving events are built into the protocol to pay out fewer Bitcoins to miners after a harvesting milestone is reached. The coin can either be traded on the open market or you can lend computing power to the network and be paid in Bitcoin for the use of your machine .

When Satoshi Nakamoto mined the bitcoin genesis block, the first-ever block on the Bitcoin blockchain, 50 BTC was priced at $0.00. For the first time in February 2011, the price of BTC was equal to that of the US dollar. The price of bitcoin continued to grow, reaching a high of almost $30. This issue of gas fees is a major impediment to further adoption and usage of Ethereum, despite already being the most-used cryptocurrency network in the world. Networks like Solana and Avalanche are mimicking Ethereum’s utility with much lower fees. China, for instance, previously a major player in cryptocurrencies, banned mining and subsequently cryptocurrencies themselves — not just BTC — in 2021.

Both currencies are decentralized and rely on a blockchain run by multiple nodes, making it impossible for a central authority like the government to control them. Its technology also makes it difficult to be stolen or tampered with since all machines on the decentralized network need to agree on the terms of any transaction. This mostly means confirming that the payee is the rightful owner of the currency. Being the leading cryptocurrency means that competitors are coming for that number one spot. If this ever happens, Bitcoin’s value will decrease, leaving your investment in worse shape.