Journey Through My Sketch Book


Birds on my wall

Sunset Painting – Acrylic

The painting above is of a sunset beach with palm trees, painted with the guidance provided by the fabulous youtube channel “Goodness in you”. Initially, the prospect of attempting such a masterpiece seemed quite daunting, but as I worked through the project, it became a very relaxing and a very joyful task.

I came up with some tips to help you if you ever attempt painting something similar!

  1. Use the right brush: This is incredibly important in many ways. Drawing thin lines with thick brushes is understandably a futile effort!
  2. Blend with a wet brush: Trying to blend paints with a dry or dirty brush is not a good idea. This can damage the canvas and is one of the few mistakes in painting which is hard to undo.
  3. Use the right materials: Some art pieces require watercolour, acrylic, oil painting, or any other specific medium. If a painting requires a specific medium use that. What is also important is that you use proper paper. When I first attempted this painting, I used ordinary printer paper. Next thing I knew, the water had soaked through and all my work had gone (for acrylics, use high-quality canvas).

I am presenting here some of my sketches along with a little write up about my personal experience while drawing each one of them.

It has also come to my notice that the right material at the right place has a major role to play to produce impressive artwork.

  • I mostly use a 2H pencil for sketches and HB for outlines.  I sometimes dab in a 3B pencil  Ex: Sketch No. 03 – The horse.
  • A 8H, the darkest pencil out there could shade certain points
  • I recommend grey Putty Eraser that changes shape under pressure and can rub off unwanted outlines very well without disturbing the main drawing.
  • Art paper matters in a great deal.   A good quality sketchbook can sort that matter out.
  • Finally, your love and dedication come really handy to be a good artist!

1) The Tiger

I paid a lot of attention on the face of this tiger, trying to get the right expression and fearsome look in him.  Its muscular body dwarfs the strength of any human being and is one of the few cats who love water, I had him walking into a puddle, his tail stretched out, beautifully balancing his gait.

2) Tabby Cat

Very prim in his pose, this tabby cat is ready for the camera!

Cat fact: Cats always land on their feet because their tail is instrumental in balance.   When dropped from a height,  a cat will twist his head one way, turning his tail another which counterbalance to maintain an upright position.  This causes its body to turn in the direction of the head, thus making it lands gracefully on its paws.  Hence, is the saying goes as “A Cat has 9 lives”

3) The Horse

This is one of the most challenging sketches that ever came out of my pencil. Not only getting the outline right and figuring out proportions were difficult,  getting the right shading was simply mind-blowing!  Still, it was an enjoyable experience to go through it and come out of with reasonably satisfying results.

The powerful jaws, strong muscles on legs and the graceful leap of this horse is breathtaking!  As a matter of fact,  horses are born looking graceful and smart, so getting their beautiful proportions in the body could be a very daunting task indeed!

4) The Cheetah

Cheetah is recognized as the fastest land animal, reaching speeds of up to 70mph! With its odd body proportions, the cheetah was a bit confusing task to draw for which I paid extra time and attention.  Also, I had to be careful to draw his spots in different sizes or else he would look unnatural. It was a great pleasure to draw this graceful animal.

5) The Eagle

I have to admit that this was rather an easy task to draw this though the outcome was quite stunning. The eagle’s hard unblinking stare seems to penetrate deeper into your soul!  Also, I had to be very careful in getting its pointed hooked beak right, according to the proportions of its head.

6) The Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon, the fasted bird in the world, is streamlined and super sleek.  It dives like an arrow after reaching much higher than 80mph and it can catch its prey mid-air – at high speed too!  I must insist that this is a great sketching exercise for beginners.  The dots on the wings may be quite a challenge but, it is definitely an enjoyable task indeed!

6) The Husky

This was a really an incredibly difficult piece to sketch.  Only an experienced hand that had undertaken several successful sketching projects should try this because it can be very frustrating to get the right shape of Husky’s facial expressions and most importantly, the glint in his eyes.  Yet again, Art ala carte has a lot of tips, freely giving to achieve this daunting task.

7) The Wolf

Howling Wolf

Prowling Wolf

Sitting Wolf

8) Horse Face

I concentrated a great deal getting the eyes of this horse face.  The long, angular shaped,  gentle eyes of the horse being the most prominent feature had to be just right.  I am quite pleased with the effort I took to draw the eyes as well as his nose.  All contributed to the gentle face of a horse who is looking expectantly at you, waiting for you to treat him with a juicy apple.

9) 3D Knife

10) Male face

Watercolour paintings

Super Cars