Poem – The world outside your house

You see the sun shining,

The leaves are turning green,

Life starts to begin,

From winter, the Dark Age,

The park’s turn green and blossom,

But not a soul is seen today,

You look out of the window,

From your brick cage,

The mood in the street,

Is so low it’s hard to gauge,

The birds wake from their slumber,

Confused by the empty roads, When people usually bustle, run or simply stroll

The children in the flats,

Feel despondent as they stare,

To the world outside their house,

At what they could have enjoyed,

The air rushing through their hair,

A free bird, no longer trapped in a box,

But the lockdown stills continue,

A cruel master shutting the locks.

The world isn’t what it used to be,

People are finding it hard to see,

What can be done, what can be fixed,

What should we do to get this Curse nixed?

The answer is so simple, yet so hard to do,

Just stay at home, and we will come through.

This is my prize-winning poem in the school poetry competition

Dick Turpin – The Highwayman

Dick Turpin

A galleon sailed in the sky,

Riding on black misty seas,

The wind shot down in its path,

Long were the bare branches of the trees,

Britain was in despair,

For the killer had returned,

With his malevolent heart that churned,

In hope of  human ransom,

A fearless fighter,

In all to see and hear,

When he whisked his sword,

Off dropped your ear,

When he held his pistol,

Jewelled with a twinkle,

There would be a bang,

And someone’s last gasp,

He was Britain’s worst enemy.

But in all the wise,

No-one would dare rise.

If asked to kill this person,

For if his hand clutched your throat,

(Which happens often, I must say)

You will die immediately,

Your grave will show that very day,

His hands were stained with blood,

And when he was near,

Everyone would run away,

Washed to the bone in fear.

The British Army,

Secretly showed awe,

For in the history of Britain,

No-one had ever seen,

A skill on the hand of a blade,

Or the butt of a piston lade,

If you ever dared,

To visit his blood-stained house,

You will see empty bullet case,

And a pile of corpses,

Left outside to see,

And if you get too close,

I can guarantee,

That you will join that pile of corpses,

In less than a second or three.

Around the world the name was cursed,

The name was Dick Turpin,

And I can assure you,

He’s done more than one a sin,

And here’s a proper thing,

If you tried to count the number,

Of Turpin’s ways of sins,

Don’t bother,

Throw that wish down the bin.🔫

Greek School

Greek School

In Ancient Greek times,

Boys learnt in school,

They learnt Homer’s poems, how he could rhyme,

And there was many a rule,

They even learned how to debate,

And a punishment is given if they were late,

Girls didn’t go to school,

They learnt to cook and sew,

By their mothers, or a close relative

Back in the school grounds,

Boys learnt to play,

A musical instrument,

And how to speak political way,

They did art, literature, science and math,

It was hard, I can guarantee that,

After high school was done and dusted,

They went to the military,

Where they learnt to aim a bomb,

Certainly to blow up somebody!

Big Bad Bullies!

They make you cry,

Some want you to die,

They are torture machines,

With burly fat muscles,

But inside they are little cowards,

Who try their best to keep,

The secrets they hide so deep,

Think about it,

If you are a victim,

Are they stronger than you?

If you were a tall giant,

Would they torment you?

( I don’t think they’ll do! )

If you get back on them,

Or tell an adult the truth,

They fight back even harder,

So if you are bullied anywhere,

Just spill all to an adult,

For if you don’t,

Life will go in a pit,

You dont want that,

So just do what is right!


Soothing Spring

The months of winter are drifting away,

The world is warming up yet again,

Through a cold breeze that rustles trees,

And blows up the  withered leaves,

The sun is peeking  behind spring-time mist,

And,  paints the world with  golden bits,

The first flowers start to bloom,

Shaking off winter gloom,

Robins chirp in merry calls,

Welcoming the start of spring,

Bees start to buzz out their hives,

Ready for the first flowers,

Children get excited more than ever,

For soon it shall be sunny summer.

Sunny Summer

The months of summer finally peep,

Rising from a long dreary sleep,

It’s a time you would want to keep,

What a great and wonderous leap?

Sunshine is flooded throughout the day,

Warming up the hearts of many,

The cloudless clear blue sky,

And birds sing songs of joy!

The months of heat,

Crops are grown,

Rice, barely and wheat,

The beaches are full,

With ecstatic children,

Sand castles are made,

And many wade,

In cool waters,

Oh! summer, hope you will

Stay forever.

Amber Autumn

This is the season,In which amber leaves fall,

Decorating pavements,

Gold, red and all,

Trees are painted,

With intriguing flame colours ,

And seem to rise up to the sky,

Like huge paint brushes,

Cold breeze rustles through branches,

Creating an avalanche of beauty,

Which envelopes everything in sight,

The evenings are slowly wrapped,

In the dark folds,

Of the approaching midnight!

Woeful Winter

Winter slowly takes over,

A blizzard of dreadful gales and sleet,

It’s the time of the year grown ups,

Snuggle under their sheets,

Seeking blissful heat!

Children run outdoor,

Over excited with glee,

Snow balls fly through the air,

Landing on someone’s hair,

Christmas is around the corner,

Making all hearts warmer,

It’s the end of the year,

So don’t be miserable dear,

Soothing Spring is near!

The Dragon of Death





If you are a dragon slayer

I got the place for you

But beware, danger is near

And everyone who went there

Was killed squarely and true

What killed them, I hear you ask

The dragon killed them

And you are smaller than his flask

Or his most smallest

Human skin scarf

Now we come to the details

I know you wish not to hear

But if you are a dgragon slayer

It’s vital you lend and ear

Go up villainous mountain

And there you shall see a fountain

Don’t drink from the fountain

Though in looks refreshing

Just follow the leaking water

And whatever you don’t saunter

If you see a figure

Over two hundred feet tall

For that is the dragon

And what a nasty piece of work

Don’t look him in the eye

It’s enough to make you die

Now plunge your sword into his belly, head or chest

If you don’t get burnt to a crisp or get flung to the Wild West

But don#t do this deed

‘Cause you will probably lay in a graveyard

In a coffin at rest.

The Sun

It is the SUN that makes the day,

Ending the long dark night

It’s also easy just to say,

The sun makes daylight

Through events that happen along twelve hours,

Catastrophes or jubilation,

Tears, laughter, football fevers.

Birthdays or celebrations …….

It’s warm in the summer

Bringing joy to people

But hides in the winter

Making everywhere gloomy and dark………

Look up at the sky, where birds fly,

That’s where the seagulls

Cries their melancholy cry,

But look further, higher than the clouds,

The sun as you will see

It’s been around for centuries,

Before humans, cars and boats

Before the seven seas and vast oceons………

It is only the size of a thimble from here,,

However,  a trillion times larger

I warn you not to get too near

Because, it can give you fears,

Since, it’s incredibly hot,

Hotter than a chef’s cooking pot,

And I know it is a lot

But yet, it gives us warmth,

And most of all it gives us life,

It gives us hope!