Columbo – My Favourite Detective Series

Peter Falk as Columbo
The intense look in the eyes that never misses a clue

I don’t know when I first watched “Columbo,” the famous detective series on TV,  but,  I remember wondering why my mum was completely absorbed while watching it.  One day, I  just sat next to her and had a peek simply out of curiosity.

The next moment, I became an instant fan with a gaping mouth and both eyes popping out, unable to believe how cleverly the hidden clues were brought into light, unfolding the buried truth.

So, I can tell you that, once hooked, you’ll likely to be a fan for life!

What got me addicted to them was the wittiness and the deep intelligence of the dishevelled  detective Columbo, who would always think out of the box, making those who watch feeling dizzy with excitement.

Columbo is shrewd but intellegant homicide detective whose trademarks include his shambling manner, rumpled raincoat, the long black cigar, and generally dishevelled in appearance.   He is so good at following his nose and nail down the arrogant suspects of affluent members of the high society who cover up all clues using their influence and never expect to  get caught.

I loved watching this episode – “Stitch of Crime” with a mind boggling twist.

The  episode  “Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case” had a simply a mind blowing puzzle called, “The Gold Coin Puzle” which became my favouite out of all.   Please watch by clicking the below video clip.

Columbo comes on 5 USA on Saturdays from 11a.m. and let me see how many of you will get hooked on to this just like me.