My Helicopter Animation: pure HTML, JavaScript & CSS

During the lockdown due to Coronavirus, I am spending plenty of my free time on coding.

I am pretty comfortable with HTML and CSS now. This animation is my own creation, using both HTML and CSS; I did use some JavaScript too make the two buttons work, though. When I get stuck, of course, the help is just within earshot – my dad, who is a coder himself.

I spent hours in making this – finally got it right, a few days ago. I hope you will enjoy it. I am going to explain on my YouTube channel as to how I made it.

Not too bad for an eleven-year-old, I suppose.

Please move the scroll bar to get the animation in sight and then, make sure you choose the size as 0.5x from the list at the bottom of the animation; otherwise, it may not fit into the frame.

See the Pen Helicopter Animation by Viyath (@16472) on CodePen.

Youtube clip