Soothing Spring

The months of winter are drifting away,

The world is warming up yet again,

Through a cold breeze that rustles trees,

And blows up the  withered leaves,

The sun is peeking  behind spring-time mist,

And,  paints the world with  golden bits,

The first flowers start to bloom,

Shaking off winter gloom,

Robins chirp in merry calls,

Welcoming the start of spring,

Bees start to buzz out their hives,

Ready for the first flowers,

Children get excited more than ever,

For soon it shall be sunny summer.

Sunny Summer

The months of summer finally peep,

Rising from a long dreary sleep,

It’s a time you would want to keep,

What a great and wonderous leap?

Sunshine is flooded throughout the day,

Warming up the hearts of many,

The cloudless clear blue sky,

And birds sing songs of joy!

The months of heat,

Crops are grown,

Rice, barely and wheat,

The beaches are full,

With ecstatic children,

Sand castles are made,

And many wade,

In cool waters,

Oh! summer, hope you will

Stay forever.

Amber Autumn

This is the season,In which amber leaves fall,

Decorating pavements,

Gold, red and all,

Trees are painted,

With intriguing flame colours ,

And seem to rise up to the sky,

Like huge paint brushes,

Cold breeze rustles through branches,

Creating an avalanche of beauty,

Which envelopes everything in sight,

The evenings are slowly wrapped,

In the dark folds,

Of the approaching midnight!

Woeful Winter

Winter slowly takes over,

A blizzard of dreadful gales and sleet,

It’s the time of the year grown ups,

Snuggle under their sheets,

Seeking blissful heat!

Children run outdoor,

Over excited with glee,

Snow balls fly through the air,

Landing on someone’s hair,

Christmas is around the corner,

Making all hearts warmer,

It’s the end of the year,

So don’t be miserable dear,

Soothing Spring is near!