Asterix Comics – A Good Laugh Is Worth A Million

Thoroughly enjoyed drawing the comic two

We all loved and enjoyed the stories of these two crazy French cartoon characters, Asterix and Obelix and the rest of their equally crazy villagers who would love a good bashing at Romans under the influence of their Druid, Gatafix’s magic potion.

The tiny little dog belong to Obelix is also equally brave and adventurous as he is present in each and every excitement, initiated by his giant of a master and best buddy, Asterix.  An easy defeat against the romans by breaking their bones is a therapy for them followed by a village feast with compulsory delicacy, wild boar!

This world famous cartoon story series were created by writer Rene Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo in 1959 in the French comic magazine Pilote.  They were hunting for a story based on French history and unexpectedly found out a not very significant fact about a brave Gaulish village resisted on Ceasar’s Roman army.   They were delighted and built up this comic based on Gaul,  that became so popular among all ages and generations.

You will be surprised to learn the village ‘Gaul’ which resisted the Roman army in these stories was real and is called Brittany in the present day.  In the past, Gaul belonged to France but with the change of geographical territories, it now belongs to Italy.