Long Lasting Can Lanterns – Create a magical garden during festive time

These tin can lanterns are ideal for lighting up your garden on Diwali or Christmas festive time. Diwali, the “festival of lights,” usually falls during the rainy season, making the effort of lighting up candles or lamps a very tricky task.

Once, I joined my Indian friends to light up the garden with pretty oil lamps and candles sharing their bundles of excitement.  However,  all our efforts were crushed when the gusty Autumn winds blew each one of them out.   And to end up the matters with utter disappointment, rains that fell shortly, drenched them too.  We were very sad indeed!

That night, I sat on my bed and thought what could shield the tealight candles from winds as well as the rains.  The “Aha” moment of making the above lanterns popped into my head, making me dizzy with joy!

So, the next night, I collected some used coca-cola cans and set to work with my friends.  The second day of Diwali, their garden looked something out of a fairytale with these lanterns hanging from low branches and the fence.

The incredible fact about these lanterns is that they last up to steady 5 long hours, without even flickering.

Give a try, it’s super easy and you will marvel your handy work, looking at the garden that will look like a fairyland!

What you will need :

  • Used tin cans such as Coca Cola
  • Tealight candles
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Thread

How to make :

  • Draw a capital I on the can as shown in the picture
Diwali tin can lanterns
  • Make a hole with the scissors in the middle and cut through the middle line
  • Then cut through the  top and bottom lines
  • Now you will be able to open two flaps
  • Tie the thread on the hook in the middle of the top of tin can
  • Hang on a branch, place a tealight candle and light it up.
  • Hang several of them and your garden will look magical!